Wednesday Block

Language Arts

These classes will provide grade level content for students k-10. We will work on Reading, grammar, and writing.  We will also do literature studies on various books throughout this course.  Students will have homework, and review activities to complete during their week at home. 

K-2 Curriculum for class:

All About Reading​

First Language Lessons

IEW Primary Arts of Language: Writing

3-7 Curriculum for class:

Literature Studies TBD

First Language Lessons & Analytical Grammar Junior

IEW Modern History Based Writing & IEW All Things Fun and Fascinating

8-11 Curriculum for class:

Literature Studies TBD

IEW Modern History Based Writing (Advanced Additions) & IEW Structure & Style For Students Level C

*  Literature studies will be assigned for each class as we choose quality literature that focuses on different themes throughout the year.


Niche science students will have the opportunity to conduct experiments and do lab work in a group setting.  This synergy allows for students to participate in class discussions and build on one another's knowledge as it pertains to the scientific method.  

Students participating in The Niche K-6th classes will use God's Design For Life by Master Books. This series provides an amazing curriculum that offers a variety of hands on experiments and activities for the students.  This will be our primary focus in class. We will have "science labs" for the children to work on as we dive into the concepts introduced through the texts.   At home families can support the experiments and activities with supplemental reading, and research as they wish.   Our K-7 core science theme for the 2021-22 school year centers around EARTH SCIENCE which covers geology,  meteorology, and a splash of astronomy.  The Masterbooks curriculum allows families to stay on the same track regardless of grade level or academic ability making the at home transition smooth for those with students in multiple classes!

Our 8th-11th graders will use the Bob Jones curriculum and will fall For the 2021-22 school year students will study Biology. These classes will have a lecture component, as well as a lab offering. Students on Wednesdays will participate in the Lab portion of the class, and the Thursday students will get a high dose of instruction via a class lecture and discussion.  Niche believes students will have a very well rounded experience with this two day set up, however families are also able to pick and choose if they want to only have one class or the other.  The classes will stand alone and both days are NOT required.  

K-7th classes will study God's Design For Heaven & Earth by Masterbooks

8-11th grade classes will study from Bob Jones Biology


Thursday Block


Our history classes area meant to bring history to life for our students as we study.  Using A Charlotte Mason approach to learning, we incorporate a variety of techniques that peak kids interest so that we can then fill them up with information! 

The history curriculum for the 2021-22 school year will focus on Modern History using Masterbooks as our guide.  Students will be immersed in the time period as we group students into 4 main categories to ensure concepts and materials are age appropriate.  Our program provides instruction for Lower Grammar, Upper Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric.   Our history activities will incorporate literature, geography, and bible studies, as well as plenty of hands on activities to get kids excited about their learning!  





K-7th grade students will work on grade level concepts for practice and mastery.   Younger Students will use games and fun group activities to work on math skills, and older classes will focus more on instruction regarding their current studies and help with current concepts.

All of our classes K-7 will work from the Math U See program as a guide to follow for our activities.  These group activities are not meant to take the place of your existing curriculum, and will only enhance your students mastery of grade level concepts in a fun engaging way.    The Math U See books are listed below.  These books are concept focused not necessarily by grade level although for simplicity sake, we have generalized the grouping below.  








*  Please note that Niche does not have math for the 8-11th grade students as each student works at such an individual pace, and at various levels, the group dynamic for this program is not available for the upper grade students.



In addition to the core classes listed above The Niche also strives to build a strong sense of community within the group.   Each day we will host a variety of activities to help students engage with one another and build relationships.  We use our Morning Meeting time to kick off our day and have the students participate in various team building activities.   

The Niche Group incorporates a variety of "elective style" subjects into our daily schedule.  Some examples of these subjects include, Fine arts, poetry, drama, public speaking, nature studies, and PE.   Students registered in The Niche 3-11th grades classes on Wednesday will all take Spanish as their elective for that day.  The price is reflected on our rate sheet and is included in the Wednesday tuition total.  

Lunch and recess are fan favorites in any group, and thankfully we are blessed to have a facility that offers a large outdoor area for the kids.  Students have an hour of supervised "free time" during the day.    


Children not enrolled in The Niche classes are not allowed to roam about into the classrooms as it is very distracting to the students to have such cute little visitors.  Our facility does not offer us space to accommodate a full nursery experience for families with little ones.  We do have a small playroom area within the school building where moms can gather with smaller siblings but space is very limited and we do ask families to honor our policy on little ones not being in the classrooms. 


Older children that are too old for the class offerings are are welcome to be on campus as long as they are supervised by parents.   The students are not allowed full access to campus and will need to respect the class sessions taking place throughout the day.  There will be a study area set up for these older students who wish to bring school work to work on.  Parents are not allowed to drop off the older students on campus.  Only students enrolled in Niche classes are eligible for drop off.  


Each student will be required to pay tuition to be part of the group. The fee will go toward your child’s enrollment in 25 weeks of curriculum. The cost is noted below depending on your selected age group and is per child, per school year for each day of enrollment. 


Example $625 K-2 Wed class and $625 K-2 Thur class would be $1250 for the entire year.  


Fees are Per Child, Per Year for each day of enrollment 

K-2 Tuition Fees

Wed & Thur: $625

3-7Tuition Fees

Wed $750

Thur $625

8-11 Tuition Fees

Wed $800

Thur $750

A nonrefundable payment $100.00 (per day) is due to register your student. The $100.00 will hold your students spot in the program until June 1st 2021.  At that time, full payment is due on the remaining balance in order to secure enrollment for the September start date.

Books are not provided and detailed curriculum suggestions will be given at the time of registration based on your child’s placement.


*All families must have signed the payment agreement at the time of registration.