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The Meeting:  We meet weekly near Iron Station NC off of HWY 73.  Families have the option of selecting class blocks on Wednesday, Thursday, or both depending on the curriculum needs of their student.  We offer language arts and science on Wednesday, and focus on history and math on Thursdays with electives offered each day as well. 

In Class:  The Niche has selected several well recognized curriculums to use as guides for our studies within class.  Our group is meant to come alongside families as a partner in the homeschool journey by providing opportunities for students to benefit from the synergy created in a group dynamic.  Parents must be clear that The Niche and the Conductors are not meant to become the "primary teacher" of any core subject.  It is our desire to enhance your child's learning in a tutoring capacity..  The logistics of how our classes will compliment your existing  homeschool curriculum are best explained at our info meetings held throughout the year. 

At Home:  Parents are expected to be the lead teacher for their child's course of study during their enrollment at The Niche Homeschool Group.  Core subjects and their instruction will remain the primary responsibility of the parent.  Families will use our class syllabus' to guide their children through the assignments that will help their student get the most out of class time as they engage in discussions, and hands on activities.  Our classes will be most successful if students are held accountable for their work, and parents take an active role to ensure students are prepared for class.


Parental roles in the Niche Enrichment group are valuable, and key to its success. Families are always welcome to attend classes with their children, although it is not mandatory. Parents will have opportunities to volunteer in various ways to help the group and participate in their child's education.


Students are the center of the program and will be encouraged to develop a true love of learning. Students will be divided into general age and ability leveled groups containing approximately 12-15 students. The Niche Homeschool Group will be offering a full K-12 Program in the fall of 2024.  


Conductors are trained adults who facilitate the daily lessons within the classrooms and equip students to continue their learning throughout the week at home. These conductors are interviewed, trained, and put through a background check prior to working with students.


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